Global Bilgi RPA (EN)




Color Detection

Using the Color Detection activity, you can transfer the output of the colors in an image selected using the Path Choose or Image Path lines to a variable in collection format. If you want to determine the maximum number of colors you can find in the image, you can use the Top Count line and write the maximum number of colors as numbers. In addition, if you do not want to retrieve unwanted color ranges, you can select the Distinct line as “True” and write the color or colors you do not want in the Excluded Colors line by separating them with semicolons (;).

Duckling Get

The Duckling Get activity parses out the text into structured data. As can be seen in the screenshot, you can parse out the text ($45) written in the text input into structured data with this activity, and see that this value is 45 and reach the details of the monetary unit via the output.

Extract Images From PDF

Using the Extract Images From Pdf activity, you can save the output of the pictures in the pdf to any destination you want in bmp, tiff, jpeg, gif, png and vmf formats. You can also learn the number of pictures in the pdf via the output and use it in the scenario.

Input Parameters

Pdf Path: Path to pdf file

Pdf Path Choose: Pdf file selection

Image Path: Image file path

Image Path Choose: Image file selection

Image Name: The name to be given for the image to be taken from the pdf.

Pdf Password: Pdf password if available

Start Page: The starting page number

End Page: End page number

Save As Type: Images can be saved in bmp, tiff, jpeg, gif, png and vmf formats.

Fix Low Quality PDF

The Fix Low Quality PDF activity is used to enhance the resolution of PDF files with low image quality. The path information of the PDF with low resolution is written on the first line, and the path information of the PDF file that will be created after the process is written on the second line. If you want, you can select files and folders by using PDF Path Choose and Fixed PDF Path Choose lines.

Image to Text

Using the Image to Text activity, you can transfer textual and numeric expressions on an image to a variable.

Location From Image

Using the Location From Image activity, you can get an address output from the location information contained in the image given in the input. In order for this feature to be able to be used, the GPS data of the picture taken must be included in the properties of the image. It can be done by adding an image from any website with GPS data to the URL parameter. The API Key, which will be obtained from the Geocoding API section from must be entered in the Api Key parameter.

For example, when the activity is run for the image below, the result will be like this.

NLP Lang Id

Using the NLP Lang Id activity, you can learn the language code of the sentence you wrote on the Text line. For example, it will give the code “tr” for the sentence “internete giremiyorum” and “en” for the sentence “What is your name?”

NLP Lemma

Using the NLP Lemma service, you can root the incoming texts and use them before Intent classification and sentiment analysis.

NLP Morphology

NLP Morphology service examines the text received in terms of linguistics. It verifies semantically confused verb-noun choices. For example, using this service, you can learn whether the word “meal” in the sentence “Meal is necessary” is a noun or a verb.

NLP Normalization

It minimizes (deascify) the text sent to it with the NLP Normalization service. It also tries to complete corrections that are not suitable for Turkish, such as misspelled words. For example; KITAPLİK > kitaplık

NLP Tokenization

The NLP Tokenization service divides the text sent to it into its tokens (words and punctuation).

Object Detection

Using the Object Detection activity, you can detect the object of a selected image using the Path Choose or Path lines. You can find the name, ratio and location information of all objects in the picture in English.

The results obtained when object detection is performed for the image below will be like this.

PDF To Excel

Using the PDF To Excel activity, you can convert your PDFs to Excel format.

Note: It is important that your PDFs that you want to convert to Excel format are prepared in digital environment and their quality is important.

PDF To Text

Using the PDF to Text activity, you can transfer the data in the PDF to a variable.

Text Translate

Using the Text Translate activity, you can translate the entered text into the desired language. To do this, it will be sufficient for you to enter the text you want to be translated and make a selection in the source language and target language lines.

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