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Welcome to RPA Cloud.

Global Bilgi RPA - Cloud can be used easily from devices with sufficient internet access, without the need for a local server or additional hardware.

Advantages of RPA Being in The Cloud

1. Removes Barriers to Entry

There are certain hurdles addressed in the RPA transformation process. These are the following:

  • RPA usage requiring physical infrastructure, memory and software.
  • Need for continuous management and maintenance throughout their lifetime.

By using Cloud RPA technology, you can get service without the need for physical infrastructure, memory and software.
You can reduce both the costs and the management and maintenance needs of your businesses, and you can quickly adopt new automation tools and methods.

Businesses do not need to waste time managing local software licenses and getting more as their business grows.

Thanks to Cloud RPA technology, the RPA license you purchase can be transferred to whichever user needs access, returned when it completes its task, or be made ready for the next user.

Cloud RPA requires no installation or physical environment.

With cloud-based delivery, there is no need to manually update all your company’s devices.

Cloud RPA will always be up to date with little or no interference with your business’ own IT resources.

As long as they have internet access, users can design any part or all of a work in the Studio environment without requiring coding knowledge, publish/manage the scenarios they design in the Orchestrator environment, and run the designed business processes over the Robot.

With virtually unlimited storage and computing power, cloud-connected robots are far more powerful than any local computer.

Whereas in the past your personal workstation was at the ultimate limit of the computing power you could work with, today it is faster and more doable at scale, driven by remote infrastructure, robotic business processes, and real-time cloud delivery systems.

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