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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Why should I choose Turkcell Global Bilgi RPA/RDA product?

You have many reasons to choose us.

  • Since it is a completely domestic product, you will not bear high costs and you will not be affected by the exchange rates.
  • You can either buy it with a monthly rental model in the cloud or on your own server as ten prems.
  • Thanks to its rich activity library, you can use it in all areas regardless of department and sector.
  • Thanks to our RPA academy, you can learn to use robots and make your designs very easily with its user-friendly interface and drag and drop method.
  • You can facilitate your designs by injecting Oracle java elements and capturing java elements.
  • You can use the tables and texts on the PDF by importing them into Excel.
  • You can provide hyper automation with web service integrations.
  • You can use Record play easily with its method properties.

Expertise is not required for designs. Thanks to the documents you can find in the “RPA Academy” section, you can learn to use it very easily, and you can create your own scenarios thanks to the user-friendly drag and drop system.

Whether you have a “Digital Worker (RPA)” or a “Digital Assistant (RDA)”, integration is not necessary to use your robots.

You can buy it with a monthly rental model in the cloud or as ten prems in your own infrastructure.

The necessary configurations for scenario design and operation of the robot on the studio screen are Windows 10 and above, 4 GB RAM, 4 CPUs, 50 GB Disk. Depending on the user, the configurations may vary according to the operation to be performed. It can be accessed from any device with internet access.

These features of the designer’s computer, which will design with Windows 10 and above, 8TGB RAM, 4 CPUs and 50TGB disk capacity, are sufficient.

In the “RPA Academy” section on the main page, you can access the training documents and the actions in the most up-to-date activity library.

You will be able to create your RPA product via the Orchestrator link. To do this, fill in the information on the organization registration page and click the “Register” button. Afterwards, an e-mail link will be sent for the activation process. After the product is activated, it is possible to log in to the orchestrator.

In addition to the robot price, process consultancy, scenario design and training services are provided at an additional cost if desired. For ten prem purchases, installation and maintenance fees are charged in addition to the robot price.

You can reach all the details about the usage from the training videos in the “RPA Academy” section.

You can design robot processes or your robot yourself, as well as contact us for the design of your business processes and submit your requests. You can also get turnkey projects from our company as a result of the analysis of the processes.

You can reach our free after-sales support unit at

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